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TeleHealth Billing Specialist 

Do You Need Help With TeleHealth Billing?

We Are Your TeleHealth Billing Solution

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The telehealth genie is out of the bottle, and, as the saying goes, she’s not going back.
How prepared for telemental health are you?


Did you get blindsided by the COVIS19 crisis? Many did!
Fortunately, Medical Ancillary Services, Inc. has been billing telemental health in accordance with all directives lately issued. Can you answer these questions?

What CPT codes are billable?
What modifier do you use?
What POS to you use?
What is the reimbursement rate for FTF 90837 and tele 90837?
Who is considered the originating site and who is the remote site?
Can you telehealth across state lines?
Contact us.   We have answers.

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