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Need Help With Medical Billing?

  • Depressed about claim reimbursements?

  • Stressed about EAP authorizations and visits?

  • Feeling of loss when you look at your bottom line?

  • Do you need anger management after calling a carrier for claim status?

You have questions....We have solutions.  

About Us

Medical Ancillary Services [MAS] is a family owned and operated medical billing service that specializes in MHSA [Mental Health Substance Abuse] billing....that's all we do. Our clients are sole providers and groups - psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists. We provide  our clients with  Kareo software - a complete and comprehensive practice management  package.


Why Choose Us ...
The Top Reasons Why
  1. Local 
  2. Easy To Work With
  3. Family Owned
  4. Attention To Detail 
  5. Years of Experience 
  6. Referrals
  7. Local
  8. Family Owned
  9. Easy To Do Business With
  • Eligibility Verification

  • Electronic Claims Submission

  • Drop-to-Paper Submission as needed

  • ​Secondary Claims Submission

  • 95% Claim Collection Rate

  • ​Follow Up On All Unpaid/Denied Claims

  • ​Appeals Filed as needed

  • ​Insurance and Patient Payment Posting

  • ​Monthly Patient Statements 

  • ​Monthly Reporting 

  • ​Authorization Tracking

Our Veterans
Are you contracted with Tricare and VA [Triwest] and work with our veterans?
Thank you for your service to our veterans.
Let Medical Ancillary Services help you with your Tricare and VA mental health billing.
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